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Personal Candle Magic Ritual

I have 20 years experience practicing my craft. I offer workings for protection, purification, banishing, justice, healing, love (attraction only), money, employment & empowerment. I empower my work with deities, herbs, incense, empowered oils, land spirits, ancestors, runes, visualization, prayer/chanting and offerings. All rituals are conducted in sacred space.

Custom candle ritual working for individuals - $100 for a one time ritual working or $250 for 9 day candle working. Email details of what work you are seeking to have done.

Group Candle Magic Rituals 

Group Candle Magic Rituals $25 

This is for anyone who wants to receive the benefits of candle magic rituals but may not know how to or wish to do it themselves and do not wish to pay for a custom spell working. Group ritual workings are cheaper because the cost is shared across a group. I will be doing different kinds of candle rituals every month for the purpose of self improvement, protection, cleansing and manifesting desires and dreams.

I will be conducting the ritual solitary as that is how I work most effectively. I will burn, on your behalf, a candle inscribed with your full name and symbols to bring in the desired intentions of the ritual. I will use certain deities, herbs, incense, oils, colored candles and incense to empower the ritual intention. Offerings are shared with the deities and powers being called on to further empower the ritual working. Limit of 30 available per ritual.

If interested, please email me which rituals you wish to be done on your behalf and your full name and a picture.


Email Me 


Email Address*


Please include which rituals you wish to be done on your behalf, your full name, if you wish to pay cash or card and which price option from below you would like for each ritual you choose. If you choose an option with a sachet please let me know if you will be picking it up or having it delivered. If you want it delivered, please also give a mailing address. Extra cost for delivery. 

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